Fiona Jacques

A selection of digital and physical projects that all embrace a user centred approach ensuring the brief and user needs are considered.

I have graduated from Northumbria University with a first class degree in Interaction Design, where I developed a variety of skills from physical computing to the design of user interfaces. I have a years experience working in teams on client briefs, where my skills continue to develop.

The Discovery

Getting to the core of the issue

I take pride in creating user centred solutions, conducting varied research to create concepts with purpose and meaning that suit the brief and solve real user issues.

Developing the concept

Test, iterate & repeat

Using critical thinking, data collection and research to impact the features and user experience. Closely followed by testing to validate decisions and ensure the design is efficient, user friendly and accessible.

Delivering the goods

Adding the finishing touches

Creating digital interfaces and products that are intuitive yet surprising. With the creation of high fidelity prototypes and videos to convey the concept to the audience in a meaningful and engaging way.