Fiona Jacques

Wearable technology designed to empower instore colleagues and in turn delight customers.

What’s happening in retail?

It was important we understood the current landscape of retail from both a colleague and customers experience, conducting ethnography studies in stores to observe the customer colleague interaction. As well as completing trend and competitor research, creating user personas and conducting workshops.

Proving assumptions

From the varied research we uncovered several pain points along the customer and colleague journey. So, we held focus groups and colleague workshops to target these areas, with the aim of validating our assumptions. This also provided us with more detail around how colleagues currently communicate and how this differs between local stores and superstores.

Developing a concept

Liaising with the client, we choose to develop our Badger concept. Using a tablet app and digital name badge allowing tasks to be sent to the right colleague, bring colleagues closer together, sharing their knowledge to answer in the moment customer queries with increased efficiency. We began exploring user journeys, the potential of data aggregation and considering how we can prevent loopholes.

Designing the app

Considering the busy nature of the in-store environment it was important that we created an efficient app with a shallow learning curve so it could be adopted by all colleagues. Conducting card sorts and in-store A B testing to decide on the architecture and content hierarchy. The visual style of the UI was inspired by the complexion reduction trend, to ensure priority was given to the most important elements.

Creating the badge

The wearable badge uses a 2.8” LCD touch screen alongside one large button with fingerprint recognition technology. Allowing colleagues to have personal profiles and set accessibility preferences. The badge is designed to notify the colleagues of tasks with haptic and visual feedback.

Measuring success

The projects aimed to empower colleagues and intern delight customers. Leading to tasks being completed, quicker and with increased efficiency due to locations data and staff profiles. Providing better customer service, by giving customers confidence that their query is being resolved with the visual journey tracker allowing customer and colleagues to have high value interactions.