Fiona Jacques

An innovative children's drawing app and smart pen. Aimed to promote the correct pen practise and help develop children's fine motor skills according to their ability not age.

Understanding the issue

Interviews with Teachers and Occupational Therapists provided a range of insights and opportunities around the development of a child's fine motor skills.

Creating a personal experience

Doodler allows parents to create a profile for multiple children, taking into account sensory preferences, ability and likes.

An area that competitor research showed wasn’t at the forefront of existing writing apps

Get ready...

The child’s first contact with Doodler will run a series of national curriculum, age based exercises, that adjust based on the child’s completion. Resulting in the child being given a Doodler level from where the exercises begin.

Go! Begin drawing

The child’s app showcases the personality of the brand: playful, friendly yet trustworthy, using colour, texture and animation to engage the children in the activities.

Providing valuable feedback

A smart pen provides the child with consistent visual, haptic and auditory support throughout drawing. This consistency aims to have the child drawing with less frustration and reduced pain.

Creating a working prototype with Arduino and Processing to test the feedback and activities.

Supporting development

The parents app monitors patterns in an efficient chart format, with the option to share the data with others in the child’s support network.

With the hope of potentially aiding the diagnosis of disabilities like dyspraxia earlier.